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Electric Fireplaces

Unlike so many years ago, when homeowners would rely on their wood burning fireplace for the sole purpose of heating and cooking, today the appeal of fireplaces has changed and goes well beyond those once perceived necessities. Households are realizing the monetary value a fireplace adds to a home, along with the comfort, energy savings and aesthetics it provides. While wood burning fireplaces have traditional appeal, there’s no denying that the safety and health risks associated with one can be considerably dangerous to the well being of your family and home. 


A Simple and Safe Alternative to Conventional Fireplaces

Fortunately, homeowners now have the flexibility to choose from several other fireplace variations, including gas and electric. These modern alternatives are an attractive option because they come without the mess and stress of a wood fire, while mimicking a realistic flame-like glow that is strikingly comparable to a wood burning fireplace.

Contrary to a traditional fireplace, there is no actual flame present, meaning you don’t need to worry about the presence of a chimney or the ventilation of a room. Homeowners will enjoy the peace of mind and all the benefits a wood fire offers without any of its negative drawbacks. If you’re looking for a practical and simple means to make your home a little cozier without breaking the bank, an electric fireplace will let you achieve just that and more. It is quite literally a modern spin on a classic favourite!

Benefits of Forest Glade Fireplaces

  • Quality Design: We stand behind the guaranteed quality of our electric fireplaces as we only partner with the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Regardless of the particular style you have in mind, you may select from built-in electric fireplaces that wire into the wall, a free standing electric fireplace in several unique options, or even an electric log insert to regenerate an old fireplace. Our products are designed with your interests in mind; whatever direction you choose to go, we’ll ensure you find the fireplace that directly reflects your personal taste and budget. Combined with premium design techniques, our customers can feel confident in choosing Forest Glade Fireplaces.
  • Energy Efficient: Customers will notice an immediate decrease in their energy bills when using an electric fireplace as part of their home heating solutions. Rather than relying solely on an expensive home heating system, you can heat up your home with the help of an electric fireplace. The combination will not only heat up your home faster, but it will drastically reduce the need for expensive home heating systems.
  • Cost-Effective: There’s no comparison when it comes to initial costs of an electric fireplace. You’ll save thousands going this route over a traditional fireplace, even with minimal maintenance costs. The majority of electric fireplaces are a fraction of the cost and are offered in endless sizes and designs to blend seamlessly into any home.
  • Clean and Environmentally Friendly: Due to electric fireplaces being vent-free and smoke-free, there are no emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice if you are concerned about environmental impacts. Of course, this makes it a healthy option for your home and it also stops the release of carcinogens from entering the air by fossil fuels and charred wood. In addition to the air quality benefits, the reduced use and costs of energy is an overall benefit to the environment and to your wallet!
  • Increased Convenience:  We offer styles for every possible room in your home. Our electric fireplaces allow you to feel heat and experience that relaxing ambiance, when and where you want it most.If you don’t have access to gas service in your home, no problem; you can still enjoy the convenience and flexibility that comes with an electric fireplace. Choose as much heat production as you want and incorporate it into your household as you see fit!  As tastes vary and space restrictions need to be considered, we offer all sorts of models to accommodate you. Available as part of a media console, corner fireplace or wall mount, you decide how to best situate this appliance in your home.
  • Safe Solution: For families with kids, an electric fireplace is your best bet when it comes to the highest level of safety. Without real flames or gas within the unit, you’ll enjoy the look and feel of flames without having to stress about the gas or smoke being spread and inhaled throughout your home. While electric fireplaces produce significant heat, they will never be hot to touch. Without the concern of hot metal, they are very family-friendly options for young children and pets. Most units are also equipped with several safety features such as automatic turn off should the unit overheat, which highly reduces the risk of a fire.
  • Low Maintenance: One of the terrific benefits of owning an electric fireplace is that maintenance is extremely minimal. Forget about having to clean your chimney or deal with the mess of ash. With an electric fireplace, you simply turn it off when you’re done using it; it is that easy. No logs, no cleaning, no mess or soot to pollute your fireplace’s interior. The only maintenance required will involve your fireplace insert, which typically involves changing out a light bulb.


At Forest Glade Fireplaces, our electric fireplaces are the perfect solution for those seeking a safer and more practical variation of a wood fireplace. Adhering to some simple safety tips and maintaining your fireplace where required will ensure years of enjoyment and longevity. We offer our clients an excellent selection of electric fireplaces in Windsor and Leamington. Our fireplaces are highly durable and manufactured by widely recognized, industry leaders for guaranteed satisfaction.

Windsor: (519) 735-2229 Leamington: (519) 326-8585